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Wood Wool, why you want it in your business

Wood Wool is a precisely created, multifunctional wood-based material as fine strands up to 500 mm long, 0.15 – 0.2mm wide and for all intents and purposes sans dust. Free and normal Wood Wool strings which, as opposed to wood chips, are to a great extent liberated from splinters. These are produced using deciduous and coniferous wood that has been debarked, contingent upon the utilization, air evaporated to 13% dampness.

Eden Wood Wool is of the greatest quality and is utilized in numerous applications for void filling, stuffing, padding, protection and filtration, normal in numerous different parts of industry including creature cleanliness and food.

Eden Wood Wool doesn’t draw in organism or microorganisms and has great versatility/speed which protects your high worth items from harms during transportation. It is likewise a magnificent creature bedding especially for primates who are vulnerable to sickness. Wood Wool is being utilized by various businesses for example Wood Wool (Acoustic and Cement) Boards, Sheet/Float Glass Industry, Hatcheries, Udder Wood Wool.

More with regards to Wood Wool:
Assuming Wood Wool is bound and saved with a composite like magnesite (magnesium carbonate), it is classified “wood wool lightweight boards”. These are utilized as protection for hotness and sound in dividers and roofs. They are biologically recommendable as they don’t contain any fake folios or contaminations.
As right on time as the Middle Ages, Wood Wool, which was a side-effect of wood handling, was utilized as an added substance to dirt (for example mud layering) in half-wooded structures and as a filler for beddings.

Specialized Characteristics
The creation technique accommodates little weight, enormous efficiency, and residue free wood wool. Wood Wool has no unfavorable vibration and shift impact, bringing about no overloading of bundling, to accomplish self-union and forestall the sand trap impact.

Wood is the main unrefined substance, which ties CO² during creation. Wood Wool is fabricated by mechanical machine cutting; thusly, low power and no synthetics are required.

Eden Wood Wool is normally biodegradable and can basically be added to your fertilizer.

Financial aspects
Truly good cost/return relationship per m³ of pressing material, this implies low expenses. By a cautious squeezing wood wool becomes combined to approx. 1/6 of its underlying volume, which is an exceptionally enormous benefit for transport and capacity.
• A light, bio-degradable void fill produced using destroyed lumber
• Used to keep things free from any danger during travel and capacity
• Amazingly famous with the gift business and regularly utilized in hampers
• Attractive arrangement and offers a very good quality completion
• Sold in single normally dried furnace parcels that weigh 2.5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 50kg bundles

Eden Wood Wool void fill is a definitive eco-accommodating, maintainable defensive bundling arrangement available. Made altogether of furnace dried wood, it offers a phenomenal option in contrast to destroyed tissue paper or other void fill choices, and guarantees your things are secured while making a rural, eco finish. Bragging an entire host eco accreditations, our Wood Wool void fill is recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free, produced using reasonably obtained materials and is fabricated carbon impartially; it truly ticks each eco box. Well known inside the gift bundling industry, Wood Wool void fill is regularly utilized as hamper filling however can likewise be utilized for general pressing obligations and, because of the assembling system, can be utilized as creature bedding. Accessible in 4 sizes to provide food for all tasks, our Wood Wool void fill is a magnificent answer for all your defensive bundling needs.

Eden Wood Wool Pads for Product Protection
Eden Wood Wool Pads will meet your occasional requirements. It saves a ton of labor as they are set into place rapidly. The Wood Wool Pads are accessible in standard sizes (others accessible on demand): 60×40 cm, 50×30 cm, 40×30 cm, 20×30 cm.
Our items are 100% regular and biodegradable. Ensure and really upgrade the worth of your products of the soil with our Wood Wool that is appropriate for food contact.

Eden Wood Wool Pads
The Wood Wool Pad is utilized by Hatcheries in poultry cases for the vehicle of day-old chicks. The Wood Wool Pad ingests droppings and permits them to go in the best conditions:

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